A Weekend with the Boys

My time to post this weekend will be limited, but I hope to come back Sunday night with stories and photos to share. It's a boys golfing weekend and I get to be one of the boys. An out-of-town, work-related group of guys are coming in tomorrow morning for three days of golf. Just sent out the club "rules" regarding no cell phones and no tipping and you should see the flood of emails in response. I can only imagine what they'll say when they see my brand new, bright pink, ultra light golf bag and pastel pink putter grip. In my humble opinion, over-the-top girly is the best way to play with the boys. Somebody once said, "just because you play with the boys, doesn't mean you have to look like them!"


  1. Have a great time! Sending out good juju so that next week we can read all about how the chick with the pink grips beat the pants off the boys :)

    P.S. Please tell little Miss "Six NOW" that we send Happy Birthday wishes from Exile

  2. Dayna: I just checked the Dispatch this morning for your name in tournament action, (as I do every summer). Sorry you lost your match this year. I find your blog very entertaining. From a fellow lover of golf. Cheryl Myers

  3. Being single (again) makes me very popular when it comes to mixed two-ball and our 'nine 'n dine' events. Definitely NOT because of my looks or net worth, but because many widows and divorcees have known me for thirty years and are comfortable with me. I genuinely enjoy these events and new respect for the overall game of our lady members - NOT just what appears on the scorecard. But, etiquette, pace of play, knowledge of rules, etc., etc.

    Next time I am golf chairman, I may make it mandatory for all men to play at last one round with ladies in our 9 & 18 hole groups.

  4. @Vince Spence...what a great comment and a great idea in terms of the mandatory round. "NEXT time I am golf chairman"? Have you held that under-appreciated position more than once before?